PH Building and Design Company, Inc. is a residential construction and interior design firm started by husband and wife, Peyton and Perry Harvill. Peyton is a licensed general contractor who has worked in commercial and development construction, in addition to building over 60 custom homes. Perry received a degree in interior design from Auburn University. After several years of working separately, the couple realized there was a niche for a residential building and design team, so they created PH Building and Design Company, Inc. They have learned that working as team and combining the elements of building and design have helped eliminate costly mistakes and miscommunication. 

Simply put: Perry was born to design. Peyton was born to build. And they were meant to share their passions together. Perry and Peyton make a great team as husband and wife, parents to Julia, Haas and Henry, and as business partners. In Peyton’s words: “I enjoy working with Perry and bouncing ideas off each other. It actually is fun. I think we are a good mix of form and function.” 

Perry admits that it took a leap of faith: “It was scary, and still is sometimes, but it has been amazing. I love working with Peyton. It has been the biggest blessing. I think we make a great team — each bringing our own perspective, but have enough in common that it runs smoothly. I can honestly say that we almost never bicker over a job.” 

As owners of the PH Company, it is their #1 goal to meet and exceed their clients expectations — whether that be in designing interiors, building custom homes or restoring/remodeling existing homes. When dealing with something as personal as a client’s home, the building and design process can become highly stressful and overwhelming. Thankfully, that’s not the case when you work with the PH Company. They strive to bring a calming reassurance that they have the owner’s best interest at heart. Peyton and Perry make it their priority to get the job done right.